Safety and Accountability Engineers

We provide HIGHLY trained temporary Safety and Accountability Engineers for Energy, General Industry, and Construction sites.

With a background in FME oversight (Foreign Material Exclusion), we have hand selected our best FME Accountability leads with experience leading multiple projects to become Safety and Accountability Engineers. These leads have undergone additional OSHA safety training (C.O.S.S.), OSHA 300, Confined Space, our in-house LVL 3 FME Accountability testing, and have participated in multi week transformational leadership classes.

Our objective is to create a superior safety service, then any of our competition, to our customers.

These S&A Engineers are available for oversight at your next project.

Our Safety and Accountability Engineers help organizations met regulatory compliance, improve productivity, review and audit current practices, and prevent damage to people, systems, and equipment.

These skills help improve your bottom line by mitigating potential hazards.



  • Identify hazards, determine regulatory requirements and implement corrective actions
  • Perform risk analyses for key jobs and processes
  • Differentiate between safety audits and inspections
  • Prepare and present effective safety training presentations
  • Develop and Maintain company safety programs

OSHA 300 Recordkeeping and Reporting Course

Confined Space Certification

  • OSHA Code 29 CFR 1910 1926 Permit-Required and Non-Permit Confined Space Standard

LVL 3 FME Accountability

  • In house and field trained to identify FME risks, hazards, and solutions
  • Able to perform site FME walkdowns
  • Trained in forward and reverse audit management
  • FME protects people, systems, and equipment

Transformational Leadership

  • Leadership program that drives unity, remove constraints and empowers organizational growth
  • Uses practical tools to lead people and manage the processes, systems, and procedures around them
  • Grow high performing teams through teaching, training, and equipping, while empowering high performing individuals with healthy relationships


Site Safety Inspections

Inspect and identify problems from the field of both safety and FME. Prevent downtime in production by implementing corrective action before potential problems arise.