We invest HEAVILY in our TEAM

Leadership workshops. Team building retreats. 40+hours FME training. On-site coaching. Safety training. Conflict resolutoin training. INSPECTION AND RETRIEVAL training. Technology Lead SENTRY training. Tool tethering procedural training. FME inspection training. Pre-hire personality testing - we only hire the best.

Our FME Accountability Techs are the best in the industry.

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Meet the world's first autonomous FME accountability kiosk system. Create a fast lane into the zone.
Never Sick. No Per Diems. No Hotels. No Mistakes.

- Facial Recognition
- AI Learning - Tool Recognition
- User friendly multilingual interface
- Customer facing Leadership Dashboards with the ability to review, customize and alert anyone with text, app alert, video, and email.
-RFID Scanners
- FIVE 4K High Def security cameras
- Multi entrance/exit capability with kiosks sharing database through private secure virtual network
- Auditing made easy
- Outputs FME Log of Record in standard Access Solutions format

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Safety and Accountability Engineers

Our Safety and Accountability Engineers help organizations met regulatory compliance, improve productivity, review and audit current practices, and
prevent damage to people, systems, and equipment.

Industry leading safety training with an eye for FME.

Can your outage afford a gaff or a mistake?

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Inspection and Retrieval FOSAR

Foreign Object Search and Retrieval FOSAR Sales, Rentals, On-Site Training, On-Site Retrieval Service. On-Site Closeout Inspections. Industry leading equipment.

Trained staff and equpiment on site when you need it most. Ready to jump at a moment's notice.

Add the I&R Job Box to your next outage.

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  • Haresh Sippy

    Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.

  • Rick Brener – Siemens

    There were over a million FME transactions performed at Turkey Point.  Automation increased the accuracy and efficiency saving us money.

  • Ian Simmonds – FPL, Turkey Point

    Access Solutions’ consultation was very valuable. They helped identify FME gaps in our spent fuel storage.

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