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FME Sentry

FME Made Easy

  • Track
    FME Barriers, rags, tools, personnel - using RFID, Numbers written on tools, AI photo recognition, and more!
  • Control
    Multiple entry points, Instantly know who is in the zone, how many items are in the zone, watch the zone remotely, post procedures and other postings. 
  • Report
    Secure, web-based reporting and alerts. Reports that are generated by the Sentry are in the same Access Solutions format that you are used to!
  • Work!
    Simple, multi-lingual screens prompt workers through quick steps. Verifying PPE and other zone work readiness. 

Cost Effective

  • ~50% less than FME-staffed projects
  • No hotel, per diem or travel expenses
  • Never calls in sick
  • Flexible rate programs


Increase Accountability, Reduce Cost

Sentry in power plant


  • 24/7 Support availability
  • Staffed by experienced Access Solutions Certified FME Technicians
  • FME worker training programs



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How does it work for my power plant?

For the time being, the Sentry needs a FME Technology Lead that works in tandem with the Sentry system. Just like a grocery store with the self checkout, our FME Technology Lead is there to assist with any questions or to help workers check in and out. 

Since the Sentry is doing the bookkeeping, photographing, videoing, and keeping track of who goes in and out of the zone, this frees up our FME Technology Lead to better assist our customers. These leads will do our extensive pre-zone audit and log everything into the Sentry. The Sentry will also provide the Technology lead the necessary info to do proper audits. The Technology Lead will also train any management on the Sentry web based control center.

Remember to ask our Technology Leads about our Inspection and Retrieval Services!!



How does the Sentry system work?

  1. Initial Setup - After the Sentry Kiosks are set-up and powered-up on site, our Technology Lead will enter all authorized entrants into the Sentry database. They will then provide all entrants with an RFID sticker to place on their hard hat. This sticker will alert the machine when they are within a few feet. The Technology Lead will do a pre-inventory and log everything into the system. They will enter location, photos, and descriptions of long term items in the zone. The TL will then provide training to the workers on how to use the machine and management on how to use the leadership dashboard where they can review videos, approve tooling, and much more. The TL will set up the zones in the system, assign the kiosks to various zones, and approve the entrants to their designated zones. The TL will select what PPE the system will check for and turn on or off various features that will be discussed with the PM.
  2. Using the Kiosk - From the initial screen, a user can click on Zone Information. Please note that the Sentry assists users in every step of the way - so that even the least tech savvy worker will feel comfortable with the Sentry. They will have the following options:
    1. Authorized Entrants - into that zone. If they click on any entrant, then they can see all the items they have logged into the zone.
    2. Procedures 
    3. Postings 
    4. Zone Status - A breakdown of everything in the zone. Organized into searchable categories with descriptions, photos, and other identifiers.
    5. People Currently in the Zone - A list of everyone currently in the zone.
  3. Initial usage -  When you use the Sentry for the first time, you will be prompted to select a language. Then the Sentry will take a photograph of the user that will pop up every time that they log in or out. Following the ID Verification, Sentry will check for PPE and other optional FM. If the user has no tools then they will then be allowed to enter the zone.
  4. Logging in Tools - If the entrant has tools, rags, barriers, or anything else that they are taking into the zone, then Sentry will log and categories these items. Keep in mind that some items will require multiple photos when logging in or out - the Sentry will prompt the user to flip an item over so that it can photograph the other side. Tools can be logged in - in the following ways:
    1. Tools enabled with RFID 
    2. Tools with Written ID 
    3. Unmarked Tools - AI photo comparison of tools with no written ID or RFID
    4. Bulk Items - Zip Ties, etc.
  5. Additional Logging Options:
    1. Generate a new ID number
    2. View current inventory
    3. View items in the zone
    1. Logging out follows the same steps as logging in. When a user leaves the zone, Sentry will take additional photos to compare the state of the tool when it entered and when it left the zone.
    2. Technology FME Lead
      1. Trains workers on how to interact with the Sentry
      2. Will assist workers in logging in tools or equipment
      3. Uses a computer, tablet or smartphone to remotely interact with the Sentry to log, photograph and document items that cannot be scanned by the Sentry.
      4. Uses the reports generated by the Sentry to perform audits.
    3. Reports - The Sentry can produce PDFs, in the format you are used to, at any moment.


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