Inspection & Retrieval FOSAR

Our mission is to have on site, when the customer needs it the most, a job box filled with industry leading retrieval and inspection devices. These job boxes will stay on site during the customer’s outage, next to the work being done, for the entire outage.


The Inspection and Retrieval Job Box

Request the I&R Job Box for your next project!

  • The I&R Job Box comes fully stocked with over $80k worth of industry leading inspection and retrieval equipment. Everything in the box is top of the line. These items are available for rental or purchase. 
  • If a I&R Job Box is requested at a job site, then Access Solutions will provide trained staff that can perform any borescope work, retrieval work, or perform a closeout inspection. Our staff can teach you how to use the tools, if you would like to purchase, or perform the work for you.
  • Do you need help right now? Call or email us and we will rush to be on site to assist you!
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