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FME Accountability Professionals

Our Core is Our People

Why Use Contract FME Personnel?

  •  Third-Party Objectivity
  • Dedicated, Professional FME Focus
  • Multi-Plant Perspective
  • Monitors conform / adhere to site FME procedures

Our training is exceptional. Each of our professional's completes extensive FME training prior to their first job. We also require our professionals that have been with us season in and season out to continue their FME training annually. Our training consists of Facilitated Dynamic Learning Modules that incorporate role playing and team learning activities. The training teaches the mastery of the FME logs, understanding FME forward and backwards, engagement, auditing, coaching, and so much more. 

We have invested heavily in our techs to better serve you. They have undergone leadership workshops, safety training, conflict resolution training, and our new Sentry program training. They know the procedures and know their craft. Let us help your next outage go as smoothly as possible.


Safety and Accountability Engineers

Our Safety and Accountability Engineers help organizations met regulatory compliance, improve productivity, review and audit current practices, and prevent damage to people, systems, and equipment.

Site Safety Inspections:

Inspect and identify problems from the field of both safety and FME. Prevent downtime in production by implementing corrective action before potential problems arise.


Inspection and Retrieval Services:

Request a I&R job box on your next project and we will make sure your FME staff comes trained in inspection and retrieval. They will be trained to perform borescope work, retrieval of dropped objects, or to perform closeout inspections.

Outage Value Adds:

FME Cube

Access Insight℠ Video Verfication System

Access ID℠ Galvo Laser Service