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Access Solutions has been in business for over 17 years and we have worked over 600 major outages worldwide. This job is unique in that you are actively part of a travel team with a company culture that puts our teammates first. We provide specialized oversight work inside nuclear, coal, natural gas, and renewable power plants. It is specialized desk work in an active work area. Access Solutions is actively hiring FME Accountability Technicians to work desks at power plants across the United States and the world!

What is an FME Accountability Tech?

As an FME Accountability Tech, you basically have 3 job responsibilities.

  • You are a bouncer with a smile. The first thing our techs do is use tape and stanchions to create a barrier around the work being done by our customers with one way in and out, called the zone, which your team of techs controls. You have a list of names that are allowed to go into the zone and if someone’s name is not on the list then they cannot go in.
  • You are on the safety leadership team. You have the ability to stop work if you see unsafe work. We also check each person’s PPE to make sure they are safe to enter the zone.
  • You are an accountant. Your team keeps a log of all people and tools that enter and leave the controlled work areas. The requirement is to hold people accountable to bring out what they brought in. If a screwdriver and a flashlight went in the zone then they have to come out of the zone at the end of the shift.

Work Scope

Projects are generally close to a month long and they tend to be in the spring and fall. Shifts tend to be either 10 or 12 hrs a day, either 6 or 7 days a week. Time and a half is paid after 40hrs. Most our techs work 2 projects in the spring and 2 in the fall.

Where do we work?

Imagine a job where you could work projects anywhere in the world from Canada, Florida, Israel, Hawaii or even the Czech Republic! We have projects all over the world. Power plants tend to be near water, either the ocean or a lake. Some plants are in the most beautiful parts of the world. We are actively looking for people for our projects coming up in the spring 2022 for projects in the Caribbean, Canada, Israel, and multiple states.

Other Benefits

All travel is fully paid for (hotels, flights, car rental) and you are provided per diem for food. We highly recommend that you sign up for the hotel chain’s rewards program so you earn free nights stay at that chain in the off season. Also sign up for frequent flyer miles to earn free flights!

Who do we want?

We welcome people new to the world of energy! If you are smart, detail oriented, and friendly then you will fit in well with our team.

Our ideal candidate loves to travel. Communicates well with others. Has the ability to eventually lead a team. Someone who is caring and puts others first. Confident enough to hold the line and follow procedures. Someone who leads by example. Someone reliable that people can count on. 

The best part about Access Solutions is our company culture. We really do put our people first. We invest in leadership classes and teach some business skills that will help you even in your personal life. 

What we want your coworkers to say about you:

• I can’t wait to work with you again
• I love working with you
• You exude happiness
• You made it a joy to go to work, not a chore
• You are a team player
• We had the best outage ever
 • You are reliable, professional, dependable
• You cared about me
• You make us feel like family
• You always greeted/received us with a smile
• You help me learn a lot
• You have the best work atmosphere
• You are an excellent teacher

What Advancement Opportunities are there?

• After you become a TECH 3, you can train to be a Technology Lead
• After you become a TECH 3, you can train to become an Inspection and Retrieval Expert
• More to come...

The hiring process

  • Email your resume to
  • Scheduled group virtual meeting to answer questions
  • Individual Personality Test – done through a virtual meeting
  • Attend the virtual training - 6 computer-based lessons and 4 live virtual lessons with our training manager.
  • Acquire your OSHA 10 – Online certification
  • Go to your first project!