Reducing Foreign Material Contamination: The Importance of Tethering Tools

Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) is a crucial component of safety in many industries, particularly those in which small tools or equipment could cause harm to people or property if dropped. Tool tethering is an essential aspect of FME, as it helps prevent injuries, equipment damage, and downtime due to dropped objects.

When working in areas where FME is important, tool tethering can prevent injuries and other costs associated with dropped tools. Even a small tool or piece of equipment dropped from a height can cause serious injuries or damage to equipment. If a worker drops a tool, it could also lead to lost time due to waiting for replacement equipment or for new workers to be trained.

The D-Ring is a tool tethering device that can stop a 5lb (2.26KG) dropped tool. When a 5lb weight is dropped from a height of 6ft, the force of the drop can be calculated. Using basic physics, we know that a 5lb weight falling 6ft generates approximately 90 foot-pounds of force, or 122 Newton-meters of force (1ft = 0.3048m, 1lb = 0.453592kg).

The D-Ring is designed to handle this force and prevent the tool from hitting the ground or causing any harm. In testing, a 5lb (2.26KG) weight was attached to a 3ft (.91M) tether and then dropped from a height of 6ft (1.82M) - 3ft above the glove and 3ft below the glove. The glove was fixed to a metal structure to simulate the device being tethered to a worker. The D-Ring was able to stop the weight from hitting the ground, preventing any damage or injury.

It is essential to note that the D-Ring is only designed to tether tools weighing up to 5lbs. Anything heavier than that can cause injury, so it is crucial to be cautious when tethering tools or equipment to your body.

Aside from safety, tool tethering also has other benefits. For example, many D-Rings have a capability to allow for quick detachment of the tether from the tool, enabling workers to easily switch between tools without having to unclip and clip the tether each time. Additionally, using a tether can prevent workers from losing or misplacing tools, saving time and money in the long run.

In conclusion, tool tethering is a critical aspect of FME and safety in the workplace. The D-Ring is an effective tool tethering device that can prevent injuries, equipment damage, and lost time due to dropped tools. Remember to always be cautious and only tether tools weighing up to 5lbs to your body to ensure your safety and prevent any potential harm.