Access ID - Laser Tool Marking

Let our techs leave a permanent mark!


Access Solutions’ state-of-the-art Galvo Fiber Laser integrates directly with FME Sentry our automated system, for error-free marking and FME accountability of tooling.

This service combines proven, leading-edge laser technology with high definition imaging and data capture to produce an indelible ID with electronic audit trail for optimal tooling control.

Safety, Accuracy, Efficiency FME requires accurate identification of every item that enters and exits an FME control area. The normal practice of hand-writing numbers on items at the FME desk takes time and characters can become unreadable or rub-off, which further reduces efficiency. That can lead to mistakes and mistakes have serious safety and reliability implications. Schedule should never drive a project, we all know that, but we also know that time-efficiency is a very real dynamic to be addressed proactively, so as not negatively Impact Socket impact safety and accuracy.

Example on a ¾” drive SocketLasered

Leverage Technology to Your Benefit Our laser mark is not marred by normal use or the heat and chemical conditions that we've encountered in industrial environments. We can apply alpha-numeric, 2D/3D barcodes and graphics to a wide variety of materials for use in asset tracking, FME/FOD, maintenance, calibration and more. Access Solutions certified technicians will work with you to design an initial and ongoing marking program that makes sense for your unique needs.