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Yatek MULTI-HEAD View Borescope 6mm x Various Lengths

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Length Option

Yateks P Series 6mm x 2M Direct/Side/Fisheye View

  • Articulating
  • Joystick Control
  • 1,000,000 pixels
  • 8" Ultra Clear Touch Screen
  • 100,000 LUX Brightness
  • Adjust View Omnidirectionally 360°

Technical Advantages

  1. Intelligent image processing system with megapixels module to show a clean image
  2. Built-in color setting and module automatically identify systems
  3. One base unit can match all kinds of probes
  4. Fiber and LED with 10 degree brightness adjustments
  5. 8 Inch high resolution screen, image visible under sun light
  6. Side lens, dual lens and interchangeable lens 
  7. Locking automatically and fixed position memory
  8. Electromagnetic rocker control structure
Longer Lengths available - Call or Email for a quote

Benefits to POWER PLANTS

1) No need for paper and pen to stay organized. Use the onscreen folder management to keep your pictures and videos organized.

2) Mark up photos and videos on the touch screen. No longer do you need to go back to your computer, find editing software, and then add your notes to the photos. Now you can on the fly do the editing. Saving you time and effort down the line.

3) Removable Tips - The tip is the most likely thing to become damaged on any borescope in the market. Having replaceable tips means that the borescope doesn't have to be sent out to a repair facility when you need it the most.

4) Hands free - When you are wearing the borescope around your neck, then you can use both hands to climb steps or maintain balance.

The Yatek MULTI-HEAD View Borescope is a powerful tool for inspecting tight spaces. Featuring a 6mm diameter and 2M length, this borescope offers an unobstructed view of hard-to-reach areas. Its durable construction and built-in LED provide superior illumination, giving you a clear picture no matter the environment. With it, you can easily assess the condition of inaccessible systems.