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Yatek MULTI-HEAD View Borescope 6mm x 2M

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Yateks P Series 6mm x 2M Direct/Side/Fisheye View

  • Articulating
  • Joystick Control
  • 1,000,000 pixels
  • 8" Ultra Clear Touch Screen
  • 100,000 LUX Brightness
  • Adjust View Omnidirectionally 360°

Technical Advantages

  1. Intelligent image processing system with megapixels module to show a clean image
  2. Built-in color setting and module automatically identify systems
  3. One base unit can match all kinds of probes
  4. Fiber and LED with 10 degree brightness adjustments
  5. 8 Inch high resolution screen, image visible under sun light
  6. Side lens, dual lens and interchangeable lens 
  7. Locking automatically and fixed position memory
  8. Electromagnetic rocker control structure